Reading List (Expert)

The set below is something I would consider expert level due to the content or very little explanation in the book. The lack of explanation is not a black mark on the book, but the authors expect a certain level of knowledge when using the book.

Cyber Security

RTFM (1.0): Red Team Field Manual
Author: Ben Clark

RTFM is the red team (or attack team) manual with plenty of quick list of commands and information. Similarly to the BTFM, there is little or no explanations for the commands and command sets.

Incident Response


Digital Forensics

File System Forensics Analysis
Author: Brian Carrier
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Brian Carrier does a great job of breaking down file system forensics in this book from 2005. It has become a bit dated due to the change in technology but overall it covers nearly every topic needed by an investigator when doing file system forensics. He provides good examples for using Autopsy, The Sleuth Kit (TSK), and related tools.